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Absolute Best Product I've ever tried! It is both - nourishing and invigorating, feels so great on my skin. I use it twice a day.

Natalia S.

Satisfied Customer

  • #1 Anti-Aging Device:

    Medical Grade Infarred LED Light Therapy​

  • FDA Approved & Clinically Tested:

    82% report reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, including around the eyes and mouth. Technology originally developed & used by NASA.​

  • Fights Fine Lines and Tightens Skin:

    Designed to Stimulate production of collage and elastin

  • NEW! Multi-Action Mode:

    Infrared light to stimulate healing, Red light to treat age spots and optional warm mode to sooth and relax the face muscles.

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Here What Customers Have To Say

This is my 2nd purchase with Basix. I’m very pleased with their products – it keeps my complexion glowing; firms the skin under my eyes and helps erase those stubborn lines around my mouth. Amazing transformation!

Sylvia P.

Satisfied Customer

I think I’m addicted to the Basix products already. The serum really makes a difference in the fine lines and leaves the skin so smooth. It isn’t greasy and absorbs very well into the skin.

Igna K.

Satisfied Customer

WOW. I have been using the LED light therapy light with the serum, and to say this is a great product is an understatement. It works wonders after continued use. I love the way my skin feels and looks, it’s alive again!

Robin Y.

Satisfied Customer

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How This Powerful 5-in-1 LED Technology Works.​

Infrared Phototherapy

What it Does:

This device employs the latest technology innovation delivering invisible Near Infrared Light therapy with wavelengths of 980 nm, allowing to reach the deepest layers of the skin. This type of treatment boosts collagen production, treats acne and normalizes oil production.  Researchers found Infrared therapy to be effective, 100% natural solution with no known adverse side effects. 

Thermotherapy Mode

What it Does:

Warm massage mode delivers therapeutic soothing heat energy at 107.6°F. The heat causes increased circulation delivering nutrients and oxygen to skin's surface. It stimulates cells' metabolism resulting in cell regeneration. Heat helps to soothe and relax facial muscles. This mode is optional and can be used in conjunction with Infrared Therapy or just by itself.  

Red Light Stimulation

What it Does:

Basix™​ LED therapy light, delivers the dual action benefits of  red visible light of 630 nm as well as invisible infrared beams of 980 nm.  When these both lights are absorbed by the skin, it accelerates the healthy metabolism of skin cells, provides protection against damage, resulting in even skin tone, reduction in pore's size and long lasting improvements to skin texture.

A Live Case Study of Deep Wrinkles

Day 0:

Start of treatments

Day 0:

This patient is currently showing deep wrinkles on the face and light scaring. There are also signs of little to no circulation and poor capillary health.

Week 12:

32 Total Treatments

Week 12:

This patient was using the light 2-3 times per week in combination with serum provided from Basix™. We observed marked reduction in wrinkles' depth and improved circulation

Week 16:

46 Total Treatments

Week 16:

This patient was using the light 2-3 times per week in combination with serum provided from Basix™. We have recorded the significant improvement in wrinkle's depth and skin's overall elasticity.

...and Right Now

You Can Accelerate your results with the LED Light JUST like these people did!


Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident we produce the very best anti-aging and health products on the market and we want you to share our confidence! That’s why we back every sale with a 30-day money back guarantee.  


If you don’t like the product, if it just doesn’t work for you, return it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The LED therapy is generally very safe and suitable for all skin types. We do however recommend you to start slow with 2-5 minutes per session to test for individual tolerance. Avoid using on open sores and abrasions.

We recommend you to use it as a part of your evening skin care regimen, 2-3 times a week after cleansing your face. Please avoid applying any products prior to starting your session. You can follow the treatment by applying serum and night cream as usual. 

Yes, you can apply serum or Retinoid cream after you finish a LED Light treatment. We strongly recommend to use sunscreen as a general rule to protect your skin and avoid UV damage from sun.

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